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Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems

A geographic information system (GIS) is critical to any utility’s business. A successful GIS will store and map a vast amount of information about the utility’s electric, gas, and water systems, as well as outside plants.

or maximum value, your GIS should become an integrated application at the utility. Many business processes or systems are impacted by and dependent upon a reliable GIS, including field design or staking, outage management systems (OMS), outage management prediction, line personnel maps, system planning, electric system modeling, inventory systems, asset accounting, and others.

GIS-related services provided by RDS

  • Assessment of existing GIS deployments using GIS Maturity Model
  • GIS procurement and conversion services for electric, gas, and/or water utilities
  • GIS maintenance services, including map and data updates
  • Production of in-house or external web mapping applications
  • Mobile GIS applications
  • Integration of GIS with CIS, OMS, AVL, WMS, etc.
  • Telecommunication analysis and fiber mapping
  • Integration with Utility Operations Dashboard
  • Training of utility staff for proficient use of the GIS and GIS-related tools such as software, web mapping applications, and GPS
GIS-related services provided by RDS

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