Recktronic Devices And Systems

Enabling Digital IOT Transformations

RDS partners End to End Digital IOT Transformations including field / process monitoring and automation, communication technology & SCADA integration, Web and Mobile App, Dashboard Development etc.
The benefits?
Real time monitoring, enhanced efficiency, lower operating costs and ultimately centralised monitoring and control

Successful Transformation Starts Here

Our commitment

Deliver IOT solutions with “measurable results” for multi-function multi-disciplinary digital transformations.

What RDS excels at

With 500+ man years engineering experience, domain knowledge in multiple sectors, in house – design, implementation & project management capabilities RDS has the unique skill sets to deliver and maintain

The Beneficiaries

Smart Cities, Civic bodies, Utility Managers, Defence & Maritime Organisations and Private Sector Cos.

Transitioning from manual systems to “real time” remotely and centrally


Water supply systems are a slow and complicated process.

Any changes made in the key elements of control take hours to show any effect in the water system.

Similarly if any issues exist in the  system patterns they are noticed after a substantial amount of time.

RDS Water Solutions are built keeping the nuances of the Water System and a domain experience and success of over 2 decades.

RDS provides end to end solutions for on line monitoring and control of sub stations, feeder pillars, transformers and consumer meters.

Aided by the self developed Reporting & Analysis Software, RDS makes it possible for the utility manager to perform various functions such as Load Analysis, Peak Load Analysis, Energy Management etc.

Providing remotely abled Aids toNavigation, DGPS ,VTMS, AIS , RIS solutions among others, RDS has been able to add value and safety in day to day operations of the managers and owners of navigation infrastructure across the country.

Having technological collaborations with the best in the industry for products and solutions allows RDS to bring the best in class global solutions.

A geographic information system (GIS) is critical to any utility’s business. A successful GIS will store and map a vast amount of information about the utility’s electric, gas, and water systems, as well as outside plants.

For maximum value, your GIS should become an integrated application at the utility.

Team RDS has successfully implemented complex machine automation and Industry 4.0 assignments. A few are listed below
  • Complex plant automation for concrete blocks including mixers, batching plants, block making machines, stackers and de stackers, cubers and curing process systems enabling single point SCADA monitored plants along with apps on Web and Mobile to enable plant monitoring remotely and even on the move for key decision makers.
  • Energy Monitoring Solutions for the retail sector clientele to enable real time and historical dashboard analysis of the largest cost contributor to the retail ecosystem.

A command and control centre is the core for managing utilities, responding to inconsistent conditions and various operations

It is even referred to as ‘SITUATION ROOM’

It is the place where the overall operations of an organization like monitoring and controlling are carried out.

As a part of its end to end solutions RDS provides design, engineering and establishment of Command Control Centres with necessary supporting infrastructure such as Hardware, Software, Communications (local and remote), Telecom, VOIP, PAS, CCTV, Fire, Disaster Management etc.

These become integral in the day to day monitoring and control of the Utility.