Recktronic Devices And Systems

Core Competencies

Core Competencies

Since 1997, RDS has made it a habit to exceed customer expectations, delivering end-to-end solutions for real time monitoring, surveillance and control projects.

Building on its engineering strengths, RDS has been at the forefront of solutions delivery from concept to execution, maintenance and operations.

Site Analysis and Building Solutions

RDS has extensive experience in performing site visits on client assets and equipment.

Information is consolidated from inspection reports and further developed into solutions, keeping in mind the customer objectives, goals and targets.


System Design & Engineering

In house System Design & Engineering capabilities including
  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Electronics
  • Communications (Wireless/Wired)
  • Software
  • Marine
  • Electronics &
  • Electrical

Most RDS projects involve most if not all of the above engineering capabilities and RDS has in house capabilities to handle all of them.

At RDS it is a belief that “if you don’t design and execute it you will never “own it”

System Integration and Value Addition

RDS has extensive experience in managing projects of various complexity and size both in India and overseas. It has at its disposal a multi-skilled workforce with knowledge and experience that enables it to manage projects throughout their lifecycle from the design phase through implementation phase and ultimately monitoring and maintenance.

RDS commits to stay abreast of the latest technology and products. With RDS, a client can rest assured that the most suitable and cost effective solution is recommended and that RDS’ commitment to the success of the project is in line with its mission to deliver excellent service through innovation.

System Integration and Value Addition
Project management capability in any kind of terrain (Remote, Urban, Uninhabited, Offshore

Project management capability in any kind of terrain (Remote, Urban, Uninhabited, Offshore)

Having worked for defense and marine industry among others we have a proven track record of performance whatever be the project area.

RDS has to its credit projects in the uninhabited islands of Lakshadweep in the Arabian Sea, the mountainous terrains of Shillong, Uttarakhand, the arid desert of Rajasthan, Gujarat and heavy rainfall regions like Kerala.Each such challenge has been dealt with meticulous project planning and execution RDS Staff are trained and experienced in operations involving off shore and remote area servicing, maintenance and project management.

Post Project Execution Solution Management

  • Comprehensive Maintenance
  • Operations Management


When RDS commits to a project , it is with the intent of providing post execution support. RDS maintains a dedicated set of staff only for post execution project maintenance. It has to its credit projects that have been effectively maintained and operated by RDS for over 07 years

Post Project Execution Solution Management
Capability to work on new and existing sites

Capability to work on new and existing sites

RDS has proven itself time and again dexterity in succeeding in under execution sites as well as existing sites.

Both need different types of project management and RDS is adept at handling both

Reengineering & Refurbishment Capabilities

Often RDS has been entrusted with the task of upgrading/ renewing existing monitoring, surveillance and automation solutions owing to its proven track record RDS has time and again revived and improved not only the systems involved but also the confidence of the customers.