It is well known that the water supply system for a city is a complicated process and a slow process. Any changes made in the key elements of control take hours to show a reflection in the water supply system as a result. Similarly if any issues exist in the water supply patterns they are also noticed after a substantial amount of time.
What is also well understood is that the earlier a rectification action is taken in the water supply system the extent of the issue can be restricted.
This is exactly where an extensive instrumentation and control system along with SCADA can make a substantial difference in the day to day water supply management of towns and cities.
Allowing the utility engineers a “ Real Time” insight into the water supply system from the reservoir or dam where the water is picked up to the final water billing system for the consumer.
All this coupled with real time hydraulic modeling software solutions help the utility manager in analyzing the flaws and areas of improvement along with better future up gradation
RDS enables multi technology multi platform end to end real time solutions for enabling accountability and profitability to the utility manager

Water Treatment

Stage I : Aeration:-
Ground water supplies commonly contain dissolved gasses and other contaminants which are undesirable in the finished water.

Stage II : Chemical Dosing:-
Distilled water has a pH of 7 (neither alkaline nor acidic) and sea water has an average pH of 8.3 (slightly alkaline).

Stage III : Clarifier (Flocculation & Sedimentation):-

Flocculation is a process which clarifies the water. Clarifying means removing any turbidity or colour so that the water is clear and colourless.

Stage IV : Filtration:-
Valves at the delivery of the pump : After separating most floc, the water is filtered as the final step to remove remaining suspended particles and unsettled floc.


Stage V : Disinfection:-
Disinfection is accomplished both by filtering out harmful microbes and also by adding disinfectant chemicals in the last step in purifying drinking water.

Stage VI : Distribution:-
Once the water is dispatched from the treatment plant begins the arduous task of monitoring the traverse of the water through various nodes and pipelines to its intermediate destinations like the MBRs or ESRs.