The resource of water is critical for life. Time and / or Event based management of the resource is always a critical but routine affair. Monitoring of various parameters to achieve the targets of water supply make it imperative to have a real time water pumping management solution.
Monitoring of various parameters in the system on a “real time” basis and a benchmarked water supply system is what RDS is capable of delivering on time every time.

Water Pumping Systems

Sub System I : Level Measurement:-
In any pumping system the primary parameter to be monitored online is water level at the source i.e. river bed etc.

Sub System II : Supply Conditions Verification:-
The monitoring of the supply conditions would essentially ensure that the pumping systems are operated only in the specified variation ranges.

Sub System III : Pump Operation:-
The pumping systems would involve the process of priming / air release as the case may be. On completion of priming the pump/s need to be started

Sub System IV : Valve Operation:-
Valves at the delivery of the pump : Valves at the delivery of the pump are normally maintained in the closed condition till the pump is able to reach a preset pressure point. On reaching the


Sub System V : Booster Pumping System:-
The system may include Booster Pumping Stations with or without MBRs, in case of very large pumping distances from the source.

Sub System VI : Communication:-
The above sub systems need to be linked with each other for a fully effective system operation. This is achievable using cabling for those subsystems that are located within the pump house or nearby the pump house.

Sub System VII : Monitoring & Data Logging:-
The entire system from source to the delivery point needs to be monitored / controlled from one single location which may be local / remote situated.