Complete RIS solutions consisting of several sub-systems and components enabling interfaces for governmental as well as for logistics users

  1. Tracking & Tracing (T&T) System: The Tracking & Tracing System provides real time traffic data by means of the Automatic Identification System (AIS). In addition, other information may be broadcast via AIS, such as DGPS corrections, virtual Aids-to-Navigation, water gauges.
  2. DGPS Monitoring System: The DGPS Monitoring System continuously monitors the quality of the position accuracy of the Tracking & Tracing System and generates alarms in case of exceeding of accuracy limits. It is highly linked to the Tracking & Tracing System because it uses the AIS Base Station to broadcast the corrections to the users.
  3. Electronic Reporting (ERI) System: The ERI System collects and distributes cargo and passenger lists and voyage reports from vessels and provides them to the responsible authorities in electronic format.
  4. Notices to Skippers (NtS) System: The NtS System provides actual information on the nautical conditions of the fairway which are fed into the system by the responsible authority.
  5. Hull-Database System: The Hull Database contains all information about hulls (vessels) which is relevant for RIS purposes. It receives the hull information via interfaces from external sources
  6. ENC Production and Distribution System: The ENC Production and Distribution System allows the RIS Provider to create, maintain and distribute electronic navigational charts according to the Inland ECDIS standard.