RDS provides automation solutions for effective canal management including:

  • . Level Monitoring
  • . Flow Monitoring
  • . Gate Monitoring & Operations
  • . Power Supply Management
  • . Backup Power Management
  • . Wireless Communication
  • . PLC based control systems
  • . SCADA based Central Monitoring & Control Station

Canal Automation Solutions

Level Monitoring:-
The level monitoring for canals is achieved using noncontact type ultrasonic, radar level sensors for online monitoring of canal water level

Flow Monitoring:-
The flow monitoring for main streams and distribution outlets is done using H ADCPs or V ADCPs depending on the sensor mounting possibilities

Gate Monitoring & Operations:-
Gate operations are carried out using electric actuators mounted on the gates themselves or motor operations of the wire rope operated gates.

Power Supply Management:-
Most canal control locations are in remote areas. The electric supply in such regions may be erratic and makes it imperative to provide for power management for effective system operations


Backup Power Management:-
Backup power management becomes a prime component of the automation solutions given the erratic supply conditions at site. The same can be solar based for low power and DG sets for medium power requirements

Wireless Communication :-
The remoteness of the sites make it imperative to use wireless communication for effective system operations.

PLC based control systems :-
RDS manufactured PLC based RTUs that integrate all of the above for giving effective automated local operations and establish the connectivity between the field station and the Central Monitoring & Control Station

SCADA based Central Monitoring & Control Station :-
The SCADA based Central Monitoring & Control Station can be located at any convenient location as per the customer’s requirements