Substation Monitoring

Sub-station will have both incoming and out-going feeders and have multiple meters to collect data from and transfer to central server. LinkwellTelesystems with its innovative technology has devised and successfully implemented the solution using RF and GPRS technology on sub-station feeder metering involving Data concentrator units and Meter interface units.

The methodology adopted has done away the need for modems for each of the individual feeder meters. In place of individual modems, Meter Interface units are used to interface with meter for collection of data. These MIU's have RF modules built-in to communication with DCU's. MIU's collect the data at periodic intervals and transfers over RF to DCU. One DCU can handle a maximum of 8 Meter Interface Units.

Number of DCU's depends on the number of installed feeder meters in a given sub-station . DCU has RF & GPRS modules built in to communicate with MIU over RF on one end and use GPRS for transfer of data to central server on the other end.