About RDS

Our multi skilled workforce includes project managers, engineers, designers, technicians and mechanical tradespeople. In addition we have strategic alliances with companies that complement our core business and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide variety of areas.

RDS endeavours to stay abreast of the latest technology and products ensuring that when working with clients we are able to offer the most suitable and economical solution in the marketplace. Our level of expertise, multi-skilled workforce and strategic alliances allow us to provide our clients with turn key solutions from the design through implementation and ultimately monitoring and maintenance.

Our Board

Gaurav Varma
(Director Techncial)
Director since 1997
Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Telecommunication)
Experience – NBC Ltd., Philips India ( Electronics Manufacturing)
Praveen Sane
(Director Sales, Finance)
Director since 1997
Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Telecommunication)
Experience – Pertech Computers Ltd., India (Sales)
Saurabh Varma
(Director Sales, New Ventures)
Director since 1997
Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Electronics)
Experience – UB Group, India (Sales)


RDS has an extensive depth of technical capabilities with its staff being accredited across a wide range of industries. RDS has a multi skilled workforce which includes:

  • • Managers
  • • Project Managers
  • • Technical Managers
  • • Designers
  • • Engineers

  • • Systems Engineers
  • • Project Supervisors
  • • Site Supervisors
  • • Technicians
  • • Administrative support, IT and Financial staff
  • • Mechanical tradespeople

Collectively, RDS staff brings together bundles of years experience in the area of Design and Technology, Asset Management and Maintenance/Support.

RDS staff enthusiastically faces the challenge of applying best practice engineering and technical services in a competitive market.

Our Technicians provide 24 hour on-call support to clients. They regularly travel to client sites, often in remote locations to provide corrective and scheduled preventative maintenance. Maintenance activities require the use of a wide range of skills including mechanical, electrical and electronics. As such our technicians are highly capable and accredited in these areas. In addition they receive training on a regular basis for the products we support and maintain as well as training to ensure effective and safe operations especially in remote areas.


RDS has implemented a Business Management System (BMS) to administer its day to day operations.

The manual defines RDS’ policies, processes and management practices to ensure Quality, Safety of Personnel and Protection of the Environment.

The system is compliant with the following:
  • ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management Systems
  • RDS has gained corresponding accreditation for the above standards